For advanced levels of comfort, Bamfords has partnered with Invisible.AC to offer the most discreet system.

Invisible.AC offers a versatile and efficient air conditioning, heating, ventilation and UV air purification solution for residential, commercial, new build and heritage buildings. Highly efficient air-handling units distribute cooled or warmed air through flexible space-saving mini-ducts, injecting the air at high velocity through discreet linear slots or round outlets.

It injects air into rooms with a high-velocity. This ‘Aspiration’ technique was pioneered by an American jet propulsion engineer, Calvin McCracken, after he observed the swirling mixing of air surrounding jet engines.

With an Invisible.AC there is no need to compromise on appearance. Discreet outlets for cool or warm air eliminate the need for out of place grills, wall-units, radiators and pipe runs. The single 25-mm wide linear slot ceiling, wall or floor outlets blend with any traditional or contemporary décor. Inconspicuous round outlets are also available.

The Invisible.AC system is one of the quietest around. The use of acoustic technology throughout ensures that the system operates at low noise levels with minimum vibration. Sound-attenuating ducts, smooth running equipment, extensive insulation and low-turbulence outlets enable noise levels as low as NR20 for quiet areas in homes, hotels, restaurants and working areas.