For the most advanced energy efficient air conditioning systems, Bamfords has partnered with Daikin to offer a comprehensive range of units with sleek designs that will blend seamlessly with all types of interiors.

These cooling solutions are classified with the highest energy efficiency labels on the market. With the emphasis on renewable energy and innovative technology, such as inverter and heat recovery, Daikin solutions are designed to maximise return on investment whether for one room, a complete home (new build and renovation) or commercial buildings.

Daikin units adjust humidity, purify rooms and channel in fresh air from outside to keep environments in perfect balance, removing potentially harmful allergens and bacteria as well as eliminating mould growth.

Daikin systems feature smart user-friendly controls that respond to lifestyles and provide comprehensive energy management and room-by-room flexibility.

We provide comprehensive advice on the specification and installation of Daikin air conditioning systems together with renewable energy sources including heat pumps and solar thermal.