We understand your Central Heating Boiler is more than just a system to create hot water or to warm a house; it is a significant investment but it transforms a house into a home and as such is worth every penny.

At Bamfords, we offer a comprehensive plumbing and installation service that ensures your home stays warm, cosy and problem free.

There are many different Boiler designs and fuel systems to choose from so that’s why we offer you a comprehensive, FREE no obligation survey to identify the most appropriate boiler for you. Combination boilers are in vogue but this might not be the right solution for you, our advisers can help determine the correct system for your home and your circumstances. Whether that’s an environmentally friendly solution that helps reduce water costs, or a condensing boiler, which operates to at least 90% efficiency, we can save you money.

As your home can’t be without a boiler, you may find that you need a new one fitted in an emergency. Bamfords can install your boiler with as little as 24 hours notice.

Living in the South West of England is a beautiful and unique experience but there are limitations when it comes to choosing an energy source and compatible boiler. We offer a wide choice of GAS, LPG and Oil fired boilers as well as systems that use renewable energy sources e.g. heat pumps and biomass.